WHY DO I EVER LEAVE WINE?  Go further into it.. be more like my dad with this approach and focus.  An obsession…. ‘Today’s wine pic’, a project idea.  Logging it here and if it gets stolen then oh well.

See if the url is available when back in the office.  Another distraction needed… running.  I haven’t been lately, at all.  Because of this goddamn commute and mandatory 3 SF days per week.  Seriously getting irked by the reality, but what can I do.

Nothing right now, but plan…. Draw and design, meditate then ACTUATE.

Last night talking with Mom and Dad about business and investments, certain money moves.  The most exciting and rewarding phases of my story are days away.  I’m deciding that.  In fact, today is DAY ONE.  Some will read this and want to talk me out of it or introduce some negativity to break connectivity and Composition to this thought.

It won’t work.  And yes I’m talking to YOU.

Moving on, to topic next…. Tonight seeing a friend, bed early.  Meeting tomorrow morning that will not be addressed here.  Doesn’t deserve page presence.  I DECIDE what does, what I type, what story I tell and identify I offer these SF streets and the people in my life… to my kids.