On break.  Another.  Sipping coffee slow, no music.  Only hum and whisper of the space heater.

Interesting article on LinkedIn about staying inside the box, capitalizing on perceived limitations.  Interesting.  How timely.  This in tandem with some advice from Uncle Stevie…. He challenged me to see certain things as an unemotional challenge.  Like it’s a puzzle to be solved, some mechanical thing to figure out. Love that analogy and conception.

11:05, have another call to make.  Looking at making calls differently.  Like I truly do not care about the result.

Another call.  Site walk to be scheduled…. Busy week next week with site walks and personal appointments.  Again, a puzzle.. equation.  I’m not strong in any sort of math, but this is different.  I’m convinced I can do this.  No, EXCEL in this theatre.

Looking at my journals… me, a writer.  Trying to figure it out.  Reading to myself as Sedaris reads to his audience… calm, somewhat cold but genuine and connective, affectionate.

I’m in the podium, and in the seat.  The only occupied seat.  I like this new Mike Madigan, how he thinks and writes, lauds and loves the journal and what it can do for someone.