Time for a power nap.  12:03.


Nap didn’t last long at all.  Shot up after 20-some minutes and came back to chair.  Back from Safeway a bit ago, stuff for kids and weekend with me starting tonight…. Not letting myself stop, FOR ANYTHING.

Second Diet Coke.  POSITIVE BEAT, the little notepad to my left screams.  Forgot I wrote that, and that little tablet was even there.

Attitude changes, elevates to more color and invitation and acceptance, of EVERYTHING.

Blogging that EVERYTHING, right where I am working from home here at this desk and drinking this Diet like it’s holy water.  Coffee cup next to, can’t go backward. Water after this… getting my kids soon.  The big kids, anyway.  Jack’s birthday celebration tonight at Mom and Dad’s.

My kids… more than perspective or humility.  The EVERYTHING in ‘About EVERYTHING’.  Jack’s words yesterday still deciding day’s general sentiment.