Up early with all three.  Henry has his waffles, big kids relax.  Me with coffee, thinking about two appointments I have today.  My thinking in habits of compartmentalizing, arranging in blocks and not letting any additional theaters to stack.

Slept well, finally.  What shocks me is I slept so well with Henry in the bed, at times kicking me or rolling over trying to use my back as a pillow.

This coffee is perfect.  Out of espresso in the house.  Getting more on my shopping mission later, not sure when that’ll be.  Afternoon sometime.

Henry at peace with simply waffles and Paw Patrol.  That’s it, all he needs.  No protests or disgruntle.  Totally placid.  So enviable.

Today will be kind, peaceful, educating, building my character and story.  Quiet, rest, collection, building more…

Stresses continue to knock, but I can’t let them communicate as they wish.  It’s that simple, I’m just not listening.  Not opening the door.

New sense of things this morning—  Just noticed my glasses are on.  When did I do that?  Now it’s reflex, instinctual.  Shit, I am getting old.

Just sip your coffee, breath in the loft… the Now, today’s peace and assurance.