Personal Essay class at SSU.  One of my favorites, reasons I can’t really remember but still think about it… personal essays on wine, pictures I’ve taken—  And not “personal essays”, actually don’t like that tag, too academic and plain and predictable.  Doesn’t need a word, just wine days and shifts in tasting rooms.

One day in the Kunde tasting room, this couple and their friend a photographer tasting through flight asking questions not about the wines but the wine business.  “So what are you hoping to do with this?” Didn’t really have an answer, but seeing my kids play tonight after us all getting home after pickups I do.

Just play in the wine world and collective story.  No scoring, just reactions to everything.  Going above the wine, what’s sipped… vineyard walks and staring at barrels, the Facebook memories most of them from a wine day of one kind and time or another.

Thought about scoring, and I do have somewhat of a system, but I will write NO scores.  That’s not writing.  Tomorrow’s Colagrossi tasting appointment, no plan.  Just experience.  Reaction will be written when it’s written.