Wine.. write about that.  Wine and wine tasting, wine and how people act when drinking it sometimes.  One of my first days in a tasting room, St. Francis, this one guy with another, and their woman friend.  One of them men felt it necessary to talk about each wine and its varietal, giving loose historical facts and characteristics, like “Chardonnay in California will always be like butter and apricot..”, he said.  

His friend would just demand the next pour, and play the part.  Swirling some erudite way, in his mind, and slurping like we was dying or choking or playing some note with the wine in his mouth.   Disgustingly disgusting and gross, but hilarious.

I have an idea of doing a tasting group, or session, and just talk.  Mention the wine a little if at all, just enjoy wine and the humans around you.  Get to know them, and their wine stories.  Be so anti-wine that you become absolutely in love with it and more connected and intimate with its being.

New sight with wine, and what I do with it, which is little.  Stories, thoughts and dreams.. walks down Syrah rows on St. Francis’ Wild Oak Vineyard.  Peace.