One of the easier mornings getting kids ready and out the door.  8:54 and at nook table.  Slept well last night, but still with the coffee in hand.  Latte from Starbucks, which I’m trying to quit.  Only doing small biz coffee shops, like Noto, going forward.

Meditation in this quiet. Starting to become a useful practice for me.  Already on my list of aims for Saturday, along with shopping and cleaning, going for a run, etc.

Jumping into a meeting, a long one, I think training of some kind..  Video off, my engagement will be minimal if at all existent.

BOOKS, the first one, nearly almost done I tell myself.  And it is, for the most part.  Listening… maybe a gem will land.  Distracted by MY plan – Drink Coffee, Write Books, Be Happy.  All I could think about driving back from taking Henry to his little school…