Be patient, be strong, be true to yourself.  Dad said this morning, referring to one matter, theatre which become excessively theatrical.

Interesting day.  Left 425 at 4:30 then to Sweet T’s for writing and wine.  Now loft, and remembering what that one kids said, who waited on me either last week or the week before when we talked about classic hip-hop and 90’s and quality hip-hop opposed to some of the consistencies today.  He came up to me, while I was watching a basketball game on their big screen behind the bar.  He thanked me, and showed me a journal he keeps on the job, the notes he took during our conversation whichever week that was which I don’t remember him doing.

MUSIC… the only Truth said Kerouac.  Working from home tomorrow, thank EVERYTHING.

Cooking dinner.  Or, reheating something I bought at Oliver’s that the babies didn’t finish.  Moved money again, had an expense submission approved today, again thanking EVERYTHING.

The day ends kindly, gently, with colorfully soft assurance.  More “Life Lessons”.  What Dad offered this morning, the thoughts not he drive to Van Ness where today I was told to turn left….