First thought this morning, the business plan – Drink Coffee, Write Books, Be Happy.  Took shower, shaved, made espresso, printed a couple things I need to bring somewhere soon…. Clocking into work even though there’s no clock-in.

Some product meeting in 20 minutes, then running errand, really quick to Santa Rosa.  Time going off in head like an alarm’s alarm, like compounded time flying away then doing some sort of flyby to tease me or something.

Wish AE friend David good luck, he and my former team.  Big announcement today, imminent layoffs.  Can’t say I envy them, but am excited for them and the new opportunities.  Newness… miss that feeling.  Felt it a bit at the beginning of this new sales story, but now… I don’t know.

Drink coffee, write books… that’s happiness.  Going upstairs to make coffee… will be in this office ALL DAY.  And tonight… no loft like last night.  Yes, got lazy and watched something, went to bed a little late.

Today’s new, and all mine.  Books and thoughts, the journal here for me.. thinking about my friends at the last company, what will happen.  Can’t let myself think about it too much… get coffee.