Opportunity….  Happiness and what makes one happy and how work factors into that, or influences it.

Meeting over, 9:52.  Almost all receipts entered for MAP project.  Leaving in a bit…. Thinking now, about…. EVERYTHING.  The rest of my life, letters and calls with my uncle, the future, the kids, what I provide for them…

11:10 errand done.  Didn’t even take 45 minutes.  Good.  Another cup, this time cinnamon.  Collecting thoughts, about several events, theaters, priorities and people.  Moving slow, methodical.  Vowing to be more Dan Madigan than Mike, or even New Mike.

Do everything NOW, in realtime.. no more delays, on anything.  Even small efforts or to-do’s like throwing away these receipts to my left.  DONE.

What else can I tackle…. Couple notes in calendar Mom xmas’d me.  Quote review at 1….  Shit, just remembered I need—  No mind.

Over and over repeating the plan to myself, Write Books Be Happy.  Oh yeah, Drink Coffee, can’t forget that pillar in the plan. 

Daily sentence in one of the journals….