Already know today’s going to be smooth.  Number of reasons, but first the kids.

Jack and Emma being so helpful this morning… with everything from waking on time and getting dressed, breakfast although Little Mama didn’t eat much of the waffles I heated for her.  Anyway, they both made me smile uncontrollably this morning, I’m still with grin.

Meeting at 11, and that’s pretty much it.  Quiet day.  Light rain from when I woke at 6:30…

Thinking all morning, BOOKS.  Mine.. finishing 2 or 3 this year.  Putting that above everything… the sales story, running, wine, EVERYTHING.  8:55am

Playing with time and writing it… no mood this morning like yesterday, and it’s because of the big kids.  Being away from them causes more anxiety than any anticipation of my weekends and time with them.  Last night dinner with Mom and Dad, they asking to stay up for a bit and play.  That’s their priority, their plan and apex of aims – PLAY.

How can you not admire that.  That’s what we should all have in our day-to-day, our sight and modes.  I am a different human this morning, another draft of this New Mike Madigan.