Listening to the rain, still hear it.  Meeting at noon, then a call at 1:30.  Getting kids around 5, leave here just after 4.  Fasting till dinner.

Weights by desk, do 50.  QUICK.

There.  Think I did more than 50….  Uncle Stevie in his last letter said he’d love to get me on a surf board, he now a freakishly devoted surfer.  Sounds fun, but one of my biggest fears is the ocean, and downing in it.  Think I’ll pass, sorry Uncle.

Soon as this goddamn rain stops, I’m running.  Starting with a 5k consistency, and distance increase from there.  Shiloh Ridge, around the Green, Annadel…. More trails.

11am.  Never know how to write the time.  Do I use a colon, or comma, period…?  Laptop put a period for me, so…. There you go.

I just had a thought, feeling, shoving other thoughts and feelings into a ditch.  DONE.  There, that feels immensely better.  I think.  Yes….  The business, the startup is the day itself.

These notes.  The changes I’m making not only in character and communication but how I see the room and EVERYTHING around me.