8:35 touching down in downstairs office.  I say that like I have another.  I should.  Too cold down here, and I want this room to be a showroom, I think.  What you first see, a look into the character, the writer….


Everything in front of you is an opportunity.  All objects and people and instances invite.  Invite you.  All your energy and positive interpretation.  No need to wish, everything you need is already present.

Mood present.  Not a drop of anxiety or any nerves.  Get the big kids tonight, and that’s what’s really riling me.  My little Emmie, her big brother Little Kerouac…..  So happy, smiling just thinking about their voices and asks.

Day just starting, and I’m in a place of placid collection.  Nothing bothering me.  Sure some would love to, but it’s not happening today.

No music.  Need it that way this morning I think.  Just rain, which is still very much here but not like yesterday.  Not much wind.

Distracted by messages.  Phone down.  Not picking it up for at least an hour, promise.

Email sent.  Now what…. Thoughts over thoughts, not much day dreams but…. don’t know.