Dream gives me images immediately, right now while I type this, delivering more, more music.. whispering and reading stories I’m to write.  The thousand words a day will be easy to touch with Dream collaborating with this New Mike Madigan.

1:49.  How the…..  See?  That right there, that leads to the indecision you’re to make fun of.  The obsession with time.  Monday, my last day off where I drove up to HBG and had lunch at Willi’s Seafood I kept thinking about how many hours I had left in that last day off before the workweek rather than enjoying my calamari and Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc.  Fool.

Or maybe I’m a claw.  New jester, dancing around the minutes and between then instead of on them in strength and empowerment and self-education.

Writing about time.. fuck time.  How about that.

Sedaris talks about what’s on TV, what’s happening.  Nothing any apparent glamor or flash, but giving more validity and attention to the moment.  That’s what I need to do.  Taught.  Merci, monsieur Sedaris.

The news is all about the weather.  Like they’ve never seen rain, or a storm.  And is this a storm?