10:22 Re-drawing my life’s map and contour… the reality, the Now.  Everything written.  Thinking, for the rest of my life….. this will be….

BREAK.  Back in a bit.

Just to step away, see what I say when I come back, if my character changes slightly or not at all… it has to.

Photography… okay, I’m taking a break now I swear.


New thought, but not so much a new thought but intensification of an old one –  Photography.  Not sure what my beat of focus, or vertical would be.  And why do I need to know now.  Looking through old shots again, will edit the most recent vineyard pics later, maybe after lunch.

Wine in a glass, from the Roth Winery days.  Think in ’18 at some point.  I’m always going back to wine, and the vineyards, my tasting room and wine educator days.  When I’d show up to the winery early and write in the tasting room before anyone would get there, before the weekend days would occasionally turn hellish.