Espresso.  Nice peaceful lunch at Mi Pueblo on the east side then…..

some shopping for kids.  Weekend-ready.  No music, enjoying peace.  Leaving to get all three mini-characters in a bit.  Jackie wanted me to pick him up at 4, but I just can’t do it with everything I have going.  Well, maybe I could have, but I need to wrap the day advantageously.

Messaged Sales VP I spoke with earlier, thanking her for her time and the conversation, telling her talks with her are always fun, always enriching and just principally pleasant.  Looking to have her position someday, maybe, if not here then… who knows.

Lost in sales and ambition thought-clot.  The espresso hits hard, just first few sips.  Idea for a project that I had at lunch, doing it.  This weekend.  Documenting the kids and me here at the condo.. single dad/parent-purposed.  See what evolves and self-submits.

Going through shots on camera.  Not many on this memory card.  Need another camera I think… idea on how to…. Well yes pay for it, but scheduling times to go out and shoot.  More photography, has to be.  That’s an answer to something.