Topic next…. What’s right for the day, for me.. the kids.  EVERYTHING

Maybe time to fold some laundry.  That in no way sounds enjoyable but it has to be done.  Another aims for the new year, doing more that of what to which opposed or afraid.

The vineyard walk yesterday showed me a degree of peace I haven’t experienced in some time. Just standing there, then taking one picture before going across the street and filming the rain hitting that puddle.  Need more of that, this year and however many more are left for me.

One of the shots from yesterday, a drop.  Didn’t get the focus I wanted, and this one taken with my phone because I forgot to charge my cam again.  Still though, showing me the value of singularity and simplicity….  I can’t leave this chair.  Taken by what I’m thinking, what I see for me and the kids to a point where I’m more or less motionless.

Smooth jazz, phone says light rain in the next hour.  Tempted to go get lunch, maybe Lupe’s if they’re open.  Not in the mood to drive to HBG…. Or am I.  My indecision is fascinating me…