Thinking…. The kids.  They determine everything, while they ARE the EVERYTHING.

More in business, and only for them.  Tomorrow’s outing, the first.  Maybe start a new doc on it.  Or book…


The more time I take planning and “strategizing” the less I’m devoted to actuation and fruition.

I’ll be back here tonight, probably not in the office but loft floor which my kids left in ruin, like a part of some World War Two liberated province.  Or just one that was left in ruin, abandoned.  But they had fun, they enjoyed themselves, so I learn more.

Katie and I this morning getting into the Napa v Sonoma talk.  Me talking about my enjoyable interactions and tastings over there while she was more of critique, agreeing with the expected Sonoma stereotype.  Interesting… But, also exhausting.  Who cares, my opinion.

What wines tonight….  No idea.  Thought about bringing one but everything in the Archive is unimpressive, just a wine that could be open and sipped.

Peace in this office….  Jack, Emma, Henry, the answer to EVERYTHING.  Log everything, event what should be shed.