BDX project

Something I started a log time ago, with videos.  Now, with notes.  Sketches.  Nothing has to be complete or conventionally structured… in fact I’d prefer it not be.

Power nap, then back…

2:56, thinking.  Focusing on not focusing.  See how wrapped in the immediate, the Postmodern Promise I can find myself.

Simplify and singularize…. Daisies For Obsidian, my approach.  Laying to rest certain hostile habits.  Not getting me anywhere.  Well, that’s one way of interpreting the image and connection of the two words.  But, who knows where I’m going with it.

This new year, more photog…. Old image from the tasting room, finding it on this laptop.  Wine always part oft he story.  The conversations, all the tastings over the years… the one a year ago last night I had with Mom and Dad and Katie.  Pinot, all different forms and voices, beats.

This project is EVERYTHING, but then just one thing.  ME, how I see the world round me… each persona and room, voice. More observation and living, only then do I get to writing.

Relationships…. How they evolve and self-destruct.  Why do I find that so fascinating?  No idea, something to explore in the project.