And xmas is done.  This morning trying to take an early nap but my thoughts and circuitry, nerves, body and everything in my character forbid.  So off couch and upstairs for shower, finish coffee now here in office.  Stressing about the column but why….

And that’s ho the column starts, ACKNOWLEDGING and understand self more….  What I need to fix.  Friend last night citing the insanity definition, doing the same thing and hoping for a new result.  And it’s indicative of even more gall to expect a better result.  For anything to get better or improve if you’re idiotic enough to perpetuate the same habit(s).

This morning’s admission – I need to give myself more patience, grace, time to self.  Stop fucking pressuring yourself to write, or sell, or market yourself or post… 


Remember, the kids are reading this…. I’ll work on the column tonight.  Quick notes on an envelope, that I just wrote, dated.

Habits, honesty regarding habits….  Changing my writing way.  How I interact with people, even those with whom I in no way see matters similarly.