8:40 receipts done.  $12.10 left on sbux card.  Too lazy to get in car, or not lazy but

now in a productive spin.  Thinking about the new year and how I want to be more like Dad with systems and habits and practices, HOW I WRITE… less Mike Madigan.

BUT, the New Mike Madigan could just be a revised draft of self blending in a dominant DPM varietal.  Thinking about it too much I know…. This coming year, book out, more speaking and offering ideas on writing and blogging – the Postmodern promise and eye.  Using what you have…

This was revolving and tumbling in my head while entering the receipts.. each of them could be a story.  Dinner the other night with Chris, the gum and sparkling water I bought at the 7-Eleven on Sansome yesterday, SF.

Today and till week’s end, nothing much happening.  Texted Mom about it and she tells me how she was in a mood yesterday or the other day, and shit like this happened every year around this time… I write back, “… should be used to it by now, right? Lol”