Home from dinner.  Saw an old coworker.  No mood to write.  Dim Sum at work, not bad.  Just want to relax.  Working at home tomorrow so promising to wake early and write.  At least a thousand.  Red of the Palermo tonight, showing more identity and love, luminosity, play.  Now I somewhat want to go to SF tomorrow, but I can’t.  I shouldn’t.  No need.  No one’s calling or picking up.  Site visits today, 2 for 3…


Another nice sleep last night.  Working from home.  Xmas gifts at lunch then finally DONE.  No workout this morning, no surprise.  Still not feeling 100% but that could be in my head, an excuse that’s valid, but not really.

Funny running into my friend from the last company – Sonic, not sure why I call it ‘company’ – last night at the “Windsor Bar & Grill”, a place I probably won’t ever go back to.  Inside a hotel, or motel right off the freeway, on the East Side.  No.  Tried it, not my tune.