Properties set for visit.  One Petaluma, then two in Marin County.

Espresso to start, but will use some of the money I put on my Starbucks card, yesterday.  Need to be better about doing that.  Why I put I think $25 on it.  Was it 25?

Finally, good sleep last night.  Not sure I’d call it great, but I’ll take.  Rested, long shower, some collection here in words… lunch today at office.  And, dinner date with ME tonight.  Thinking Himalayan again, possibly.  Too much to think about now, here at the desk, forget dinner.

Cold, like yesterday.  But nothing like the cold on California Street, what I felt walking back to One Maritime.  That cold cut through me, in all ways.  It was unpleasant, but interesting and vocal.  I was was surprised by myself when I thought, “I can’t get enough of this…”


Be open to the morning

What it implies

What it decides and communicates

What it is

What it gifts


8:32, will leave right at 9 I think.

Can’t stop thinking about this new year, what it means, what it’ll do.

Couple more xmas gifts to get on the way home, not online.

Don’t want to leave the condo, but I know… I know…