Date looks funny again.  4 shot latte made here at home.  No milk though, nor whip, nor cinnamon. So yes, just 4 shots of espresso.

Leaving to get the kids in a little over an hour, so I’ll be working here with them.  Everything in the loft then, two laptops, two journals, receipts I need enter from yesterday.  All that shopping, spent well more than I intended.  But, for the kids so I have no regrets or post-buy reservations.  None of that.

New routine – laundry first thing in day.  Put a herd of articles in washer, so I started this new routine hoping I can keep it alive.

Should be writing in journal before touching keys, but I’m here and following though on what’s initiated.  No double-take…

Added two more points to ’23 aims list. Simplicity, a big part in the movement and my voice for next year.  Everything from money to writing, business to parenting, fitness… all of it.  SPEAKING OF—

Weights I bought yesterday, for my room’s gym and a couple 10’s for the office here, for pacing and when sitting, if I remember.  Odd detail and probably unimportant, just wanted it logged.