Should be working, but nothing’s happening.  Checking in again….  Nothing, other than an email saying we’ll be observing New Year’s Day on 1-2-23.  Okay….

One more gift, my sister.  Thinking…. Shouldn’t write it here, obviously.  But after that I’m DONE.  Finally.

9:11, 30 minutes till depart.  Nothing happening at work but I note a couple things, ideas sure to get me to President’s Club.  Either Iceland, or Portugal, or Ireland I think they went a couple years ago.

Territory focus, and not overthinking ANYTHING.  This should be a simple approach and practice, deployment.  Stop thinking in those terms and words I tell myself.  Make it more about me, Mike Madigan the writer and note-taking blizzard.

Visualizing the results, the eventual trip which I guess would be in ’24, right?  Time just flies past me.  It doesn’t care.  Not ‘like it doesn’t care’, it clearly doesn’t.

Ignoring it.  This room, office, different this morning.  Said that before but this morning I really feel it.  My happiness compounds, aggrandizes wildly.  Ignoring certain voices and characters… the new year.  HERE already.

Today may as well be 1/1//23.  Now that day does look funny.