So I went upstairs, logged into the account, for reason just had the thought of changing the pin with which he was dueling.  We did, I figured it out, he entered new credentials…. And, placidity.

Working in loft, the breakfast nook.  Lunch soon I tell them, 12:30.  Looking at a couple properties on Peninsula to visit or call on next week, but other than that not doing too much in the new sales story.

Facebook memory, Jack in the Rohnert Park hotel, 2017…. After the fires, waiting for our house to be move-in ready.  And now he’s nearly 11…. Having trouble wrapping my head around how quick they grow is not accurate.  I just can’t understand it.  I keep saying I’ll ignore time, but then I find a picture like this, and my mood is bent.

Started a spreadsheet, from wanting to do so.  First time that’s happened.  I hate spreadsheets, but I think only because I’ve never taken the time to figure them out, use them.  Just adjusted something on it… may start another later, tonight when working in loft or office, or in my room, or here in the loft nook.