4 shots, one ‘writer.’ cup. 

Can’t wait for my Sunday in the room.  Not paying attention to time.  It doesn’t matter, doesn’t exist, doesn’t land in the observations of someone like me.  Even the term evergreen, unacceptable.

Talk to Chris last night about the dominant beings for 2023, Fearlessness and Gratitude.  The only way I can make this happen, what I’m seeing for self… this new business, new opportunity…budget for it.  For the kids.  Speaking of, Jackie my oldest Beat the first thought when I woke.

How I need to be more like him.  Waking early, discovering and pursuing vehemently everything that interests him.  The most fascinating human I’ve ever known, next to my dad.  Surely.

My Road of books and new writing life I’ve determined and deemed ineluctable.  It will happen, and by a certain date which I keep secret.

8:01, may hit the bank first.  Still have to budget.  Will do tonight before week starts.  After dinner with Mom and Dad.  At Sweet T’s, humorously enough.  Not the first time I’ve done back-to-back’s there.

New patterns and use of mind.  Beyond discipline, something else.  Keep moving don’t quit at any point, even rest….