Idea of ignoring time is fascinating to me, and I’m all but certain a fiery factor in this writer equation.

What is the “Writer Equation”?  The steps to writing for a living.  “Writing for your life” as my grad school fiction professor Stephen D. Gutierrez advised I do rather than applying for SFSU’s MFA program.

Heat finally getting to this downstairs area.  Not sure why, but grateful.  Triangulating character, from fearless decisions and layered gratitude reconnecting with my Aunt and Uncle, story aged like some Bordeaux blend tucked away in a stuffy mist spec-spread corner underground.

New journals, books.  2023 is it.  Finally.  Right before I’m 44.  FUCK.

Don’t be like that, I tell myself.  Or do.  Time, ignore it.  44 could be 21, 16, or it could be 84.  You wanna be an old man?  Well, yes, if I could have this fire.  What does age matter?  What is age but a concept, a proposition, something in a book you’re told to hold and ingest.

Refused, now.  I’m associating only love and passion, these books… the business plan on the mask Mom gave me – Drink Coffee, Write Books, BE HAPPY.

These devils hate that I’ve arrived here.