Bed Bath & Beyond, then Safeway after depositing check, made self lunch at home then nap.

Out of shower a bit ago and in office, music, me, quiet… ignoring time completely.  Maybe not completely, but mostly.  Chris’ll be here in a bit so I’m not forcing self to do anything but spend time with this new Mike Madigan.

Wishing I were with my daughter, at her party, but you know how that goes if you’ve been through this sort of shift.

Plan is to not have our late lunch or early dinner last too long.  Be here in the office and start organizing book.  One chapter or brick at a time.  2023 is not a year, it’s a promise…..

Looking at wine in the 3rd floor Archive where only allowed are books and wine, much to Kerri’s scowl, and seeing a red I want to write about.  Can’t remember when I—  Yes I can.  When I went to get olive oil for Lexi, Kerri’s housemate.

…back to wine again as I always do, tasting an Adobe Road Beckstoffer interpretation with Chris.  No expectations.  Only a pen.  Bringing that new little leather journal I bought at the Walgreen’s that one morning on Front Street just after parking my car at One Maritime, walking to 425 Cal’.