8:02, gonna check on Emma again.

Still not up, I say something sweet to her and “good morning, baby” but she’s not interested, replying in her just-waking whine voice-horn, “Stooooooooooooop…..”

Back in kitchen, have to change Henry, sip the last of coffee.  Dishwasher going.  One thing I HAVE to do today, dishes, clean kitchen.

Lately have this obsession with towels, having a lot and or too many.  So whenever I n need a towel one’s there.  Kitchen yes, but especially the bathrooms.  Like a hotel.  I don’t know, something recent with me.  So, looks like I’m going to BB&B.  And maybe Target.

Or maybe just Target.  Kerri and I got those towels for the bathroom a couple months ago and they were nice, and cheap.  So…… I’ll think about it.

Make more a project of this condo, loft floor, what’s right in front of me everyday.