The Acknowledgement Column….  Still thinking about it, stemming from the AE perspective of embracing and being About EVERYTHING.  This house, gratitude, fearlessness going into the new year.

Now I’m awake… I see it, believe, it image of me working up there.  Last night Kerri and I again talking about business aims down the Road but not too distant.  And anymore, they’re not aims at all, but something we know will materialize.

She left radically early this morning again to start her boards, going shopping she told me right when the Montecito Oliver’s opened.  How does she do that, generate her business and have her pronounced business character as she does?  WORK, that simple.  She doesn’t stop.  She doesn’t need as much sleep as other humans, like me.

More espresso after this.  Wow the’s good… can’t remember what I blended.  Shit.  I’ll just try something at random then…

Blogging EVERYTHING, and NOW.  When it happens.  No preoccupation with tags or hashes … just write and release.  Like catch ’n’ release when fishing.  Get the fish, the idea, then move on.