Onto the next possibility, the next project, the next revenue generator….  This weekend, a bit one weekend for me in terms of research and buying, writing and conversations.  The v3 blog, as I’m now placing it on journal pages, needing attention and more voice, distribution… that will be the wine shop and tasting room til there is a physical one.

Cold in office, up to loft to turn that thing, what’s it called, Nest?  To the left…

Caffeine Kamikaze.. what I feel like.  Grateful.  Trying to figure out ways to accelerate the pace of this new sales story.  Some have told me it takes six months to get off the ground, and another told me about a year till your first sales.


Who has that kind of time?  Sure as shit not me… so I’m reaching out to everyone I can.  The plan for today was to hit some addresses in SF, stop by with donuts and say hello.  But, as you know… like has its own say-so.