Home stick but still working.  That just sounds wrong.

But I am.

Sinus and low energy level.  We went to bed pretty early last night after dinner.  I remember the first time I woke I looked at my phone and it said 12-something.  I thought, “Time warp…” I was sure it was 3 or 4 something.  But no.  Then it happened again where I saw 1-something, then 2, then 3.

So maybe I didn’t sleep that well, I can’t be sure.

Restarting computer.  Still trying to get some push from this espresso, a triple I made just a bit ago mixing two unlike flavors.  Quite like it, but still acknowledge I’m with this bug I either got from someone at work or family.  Of course no way to tell.

Obviously not running yesterday, and certainly not today, thinking a short nap for lunch.  Don’t forecast any appetite.

To say I’m happy to be home today is a radicalized understatement.  The aim, the bullseye, is to write from here, this desk or the loft bar upstairs which I’ve labeled the 228 bar, or the other named after my son Jack – The Jack Patrick Bar.