We sometimes focus on the worry or perceived concern rather than the avalanche of happiness all around us.

Perplexing.  Maddening.

Reading Uncle Stevie’s writings, the reflection on life, death, how cruelly curt this all is.  Flash of light in dark.

Visited a wine bar on Laurel last night before the dinner gathering was to start.  Started with a New Zealand SB, the had a Balletto Rosé.  Of course then I started to think of….. became sad.  Left and went to dinner.

While in that room looked at all the bottles, which I would have in my shop if I ever have one, which I’d write about first, which I’ve had before and not and…. Just a tornado of wine musing.

Where is this going, like I asked when the new sales story started.  I don’t know.. just looking for happiness, not just for me but the kids.  Actually, predominantly them.  Only them.

Writing at the nook table.  Don’t do this too much.  Only when they’re here.

Little toothache.  Dentist scheduled for Feb of next year.  Not sure I’ll be able to wait till then.