Done with their Daddy brunch from Starbucks that they requested.

Thinking about last night being in San Carlos, my old neighborhood with new people in the story.  This new sales story.  A lot to think about….  Work and travel, the kids, where we’ll one day travel together.  What’s next.

What’s next in the story…

No way to tell, and stop thinking that way, I say to myself.  Fixate on and narrate in the Now… clean thoughts, clear, unobstructed.

Rain on the way up from my old town but no where near what they said. They, being these embellish-goon weather buffoons.  The weather, more than a voice or consistency.  An immediate scene, something making the day a Composition distinct.

Going nowhere and everywhere in my thinking.  Like a drive that’s level, straight, little seen but fields, wheat blown all to one side.

Present, the dad story.  More and more of it all side.  Grateful.  I need to be more like them, especially Jack and Emma.  Priorities primary being play, Christmas and birthdays, seeing their grandparents, being with their mom and dad.  And we as adults, contaminated by so much.

We allow it.