Going for a drive in a bit, might need more coffee.  

Rain days like this, perfect when with the kids.  They love it, they smile, so I smile and fall more in love with single dad-ing.

4:25 back from drive, relaxing with kids.  Jack and I warring with each other in chess.  Can’t remember the last time I beat him.

Part of me embarrassed, but the more dominant code is prideful.. that’s my son, my little Kerouac.  Brilliant, cunning, creative, COMPOSITION.

Deciding what the tasting room metaphor is.  Today thinking of investing in a gym franchise like Anytime, or maybe starting my own.  Waking early tomorrow, lifting in my room while little Henry sleeps with his stuffed toys and that blanket that feels so good even I’ve come out of sleep noticing it under my right cheek.

Done with receipts, seeing new financial architecture, running a business, more importantly investing for the kids.  Need consult though….

Of course I have Dad, but may talk to a couple others.

Still can’t believe I was on Laurel Street last night.  Do I want to move back, invest in property?  Or rent?

Rain, wish there were more.  My kids, content and health, happy on this loft floor.  Gratitude staring at me.