In office.  Still sniffling and with a little congestion, not sure that’s what you’d call it but either way I’m fine and functioning and about to dive into receipts and budget and some anchor funds, very little, for the tasting room.  Back in a bit…

Done.  Not as bad as I’d thought.  Now to cash, but waiting a bit.  Keeping the name I thought of over ten years ago, ‘whoso wines’.  After the Emerson quote, highlighting the note of nonconformity and doing things your own way.  

Yes, CONTROL.  Over your own life.  There is no sin in such a pursuit.

Simplicity and singularity, all these wine pictures and memories, recollections of mornings at Roth walking that SB lot, the one that gave me the idea to leave wine on a FT front and go into internet, telecom, tech, startup….

Slowing down, only with the writing though my imagination and fascination with a wine business that is completely mine…. entrapping.  Have to switch out laundry, fold a little, then heading to Oliver’s, see what I can find that’s interesting or that I’ve just never heard of.