Anyway… where is this, my story, my activity and sales story with the prop tech co, going?  I don’t know.  And I love that I don’t.  Just save, keep the winery and tasting room as a symbol, a sought beacon.

10:18 and I have no intention of leaving or rushing back to the loft office.  I keep using cash, when I said I was going to quit.  Should do budget when I get back I guess, know where I am more.

Facebook memories…. Most of them wine story scribbled and being.  Keeping the metaphor, or symbol, or image which may be more than any of those.  So I start thinking about the first wine poured…. Chardonnay, SB, both.  No fucking Rosé.  Seriously, Rosé and Rosé drinkers have always annoyed me.  They either know nothing about wine, think they know everything, or are just bitter humans that pour themselves glass after glass sitting alone in their house and judge people.

Yes, I’ve experienced that.  Seen and felt it.