Caught my thinking, then thinking more, then I stopped.

That’s the obstructor, obviously.  

Shower then laundry, then walk to Noto, where I am now, waiting for a quad shot latte, needed after a night of on and off sleep.

Heading to parents’ around 3 or 3:30.  My favorite day and holiday.  Grateful, thankful and offering and writing thankful notes to all scenic ingredients and characters around me.  And, especially thankful that some are no longer in the same room as me – under the same roof, in the same bloody kitchen.

My order called, I get up from the wobbly table and get it and head to one of the patio tables outside where I had breakfast with the kids they Saturday.  Missing them, but smiling knowing we’ll be together tomorrow morning.

Man with either an Australian or NZ accent talking to a young lady a few tables to my right.  About a business and how one part of the business is hard.  She listens and voices affirmatives here and there.  Think again about MY business, beyond the prop tech company — Guy says “The sales people don’t run the business, they just go out and get sales.” What the fuck?  I thought, like how do you know?