Think it’s kind of silly we have to work today, but…. It is what it is, as people say.  

Back at the loft, working in kitchen.  Too cold in the office.  Triple espresso made here like yesterday morning.  Trying to all but globally quite coffee outings and making my coffee practice here more creative.  No milk, just purity and temperatures and maybe some cinnamon from the spice rack Kerri bought me.

Calm, collection about my character this morning.  No music, intentionally.  Thinking about my SE, Stanley, his embodiment of simplicity and minimalism… even to the point of not owning a car.  He rents, no wife nor kids.  Just him.

NOTE:  I could NOT imagine one day without my kids, not having them in the story.  The days I’m without them given current custody composition is enough of a pain-plater.  And renting versus owning… this is whaat I prefer.

So, if you are to REALLY read what I’m writing here and not just lazily and remedially skim it, appreciating the narration – it’s his character, and the oneness of his steps and pages.  Encating such with my books.