Back at loft, latte and zen. Another idea for startup, connected to present prop tech story, no elaboration now.  Too slow still, caffeine needs to do its job.  Leaving to get kids soon.

A little over an hour.  Today, relax.  One activity planned later.  Then another enticing a store run for the turkey Henry likes, milk and some other bites.  Single dad engine FULLY on.

Even before they get here.  So anticipatory and eager for their voices and steps and Henry calling me into the kitchen to show me something, what he wants or pointing out the window as he does.

Found charger, the one I plug into this laptop.  Thought it was lost, or one of the kids took it to charge their tablet.  No, in my backpack.  I’m merely a bonehead in this circumstance.  Laugh.

Waking up… woke just before 7.  Looked out window and felt Fall’s EVERYTHING.  A certain Newness and beatific beat in its colors and street visual.  Unexplained.

Messaging old friend last night.  Her love for Kerouac and poetry, music, jazz.. San Francisco streets.  Said I thought of her when stopped at stoplight in front of City Lights Books.  

Questions…. What, who knows.