Kids ready for the most part, meeting over.  Cold down here in the office.  One more cup.  Getting into the Field later..  Haven’t run since my last pathetic 3.25 or whatever it was. Can’t do lunch runs with this new story so morning runs are the only…. And all days I’m able to do so I will.  Not today, nor tomorrow through Monday.  Which sucks.  So… Tuesday morning, waking at 4 or maybe even before and staying on tread for at least an hour.

My running ways need immediate change.  As do other facets.

Mom on her way over to help, then I need to get dressed and head to Marin.  Six stops planned.  Folders prepped, and just excited to be away from this desk, out of the house.  What I did at the last company.

Keeping everything simple in approach and practice.  Be more kindness heavy than product or company knowledge.  Compartmentalizing energies and thoughts… having something to say, story to tell about even the most plain and apparently boring corners.

Six stops planned, all San Rafael.  Why not have lunch while down there.  What’s that one restaurant everyone jaw-drops over?  Oh yeah, Sol Food.

Never been.  Going.