Veteran’s Day.  Working from home with kids. 

My parents pick them up later.  2:45 call with SE to work up quote for the 818 Van Ness prospect.

Not in the mood for this new story, not with the kids here.  Not anything they’re doing, just what I’m feeling….  Need more coffee, that’ll help.

Calming myself down.  Relaxing… it’s Friday. I have the kids, this is all for them.

Meeting at 9…  This morning like others teaching me.  To not stress, to relax.

In office, enjoying coffee and a bit of quasi-quiet.  Asking myself what I’m stressing about…  There is nothing.  In my head, toying with me and I’m submitting.  Common sense approach, and I usually don’t use that phrase but it’s needed here, for sure.

Needing to write in more honest RECORD journal, with these postulations and meditations.  Sip coffee, write books, be happy.

Just that.  Do that.  That’s the business plan.

But here I am…

Don’t mean for it to sound as it does, I’m just acknowledging the space, this office.  Mindfulness as people say.

18 minutes till meeting.  Starting to key into character.  I’m ready, I’m hungry, and I’m not fearing any potential obstruction, theorized or actual.