10:28 kids picked up and me back from Café Noto where I got a smaller latte, already having had some espresso this morning when up with Henry.  Listing what I have to do, first instinct of course was to clean, but I’m waiting.  This kids didn’t leave the loft nor their side of the third floor in that much ruin, surprisingly.

Dishwasher, only sound now.  Need to stop by bank, get memory stick along with some other things… clean that goddamn office.  CLEANING… no.  Relax for a minute, enjoy the quiet I tell self.  

The Green and outside, so promising, like ti’s telling me that I’m about to have the most amazing day to myself but won’t disclose any specifics.  I have to wait. And I’m fine with that.

This next story, measured in my approach to it.  Sales, but different.  Conversations and people, more focus on me and my passion and elevated interests.  No anxiety, not a drop this morning or last night.  I’m just disallowing its existence.  That simple.  This revised Mike Madigan sees scenes in a simplified beam.  Much more helpful, not sure why I didn’t put it into extreme practice earlier in life.