Inward jots are invaluable, I would tell students. Just what I’m doing this morning in tandem with Mom’s counsel of sometimes you need to have a talk with yourself.  So true… simple, simplified.  Some save every paper and document and receipt.  For what… You know what, going downstairs… staring with a semi-vac’ of the office.  Not that I won’t wrk there, just won’t have myself stationed there as much and for such long stretches.

In office, little cleaning accomplished now music through the Sonic speaker from the President’s Club trip.  When a few dollars ahead, I’m returning to music, production and instrumental composition.  Start slow I tell myself…. One keyboard, one drum machine, some recording center possibly.  Listening now to an Eric Hilton, of Thievery, track.  Relaxing but still engaging, not the sort to make you tired or stare out the window and just wander in your own thinking’s up-left-down-right-diagonal pseudo-pattern.

Haven’t audited the SMB envelope in a while…. This track, “Infinite Everywhere”, a little more entrancing.  Music, EVERYTHING.  A little research, but need to get up, run errand 1… gather what I need for Monday’s handoff.

In getting older and only wanting the simple and consolidated, music can only return, now, years later, at the perfect time.  Especially now that I’m in this condo.