Moved some money, sent emails, run scheduled for 11. 

Hoping to hit an hour, or 5 slow miles.  

Yes, 5 slow miles.  A perfect plan.

Coffee and Emancipator.  Looking forward to the Thievery concert tomorrow.  Only want to be there a couple hours since I’m in the Orin Swift TR the next day.

Fuck, I keep getting distracted.  And, have to make another call.  So far, the morning all euphony with the kids completely cooperative this morning, Jackie helping a great deal with his little brother and Emmie finding clothes quick even after not putting them out last night as I asked.  But, if you know me and my love for my little girl, I do what she says.  She rules my world and heart and thoughts… never felt about another human as I do her.

Distracted by a call I somewhat had to make.  Something on cal for 11:30 now, and into the day I go.  Shower in, what, 20ish minutes.  The day starts to fill, and in a good way.  Run after 1pm call with Mark.  Locked in.

Miss the kids, already.  Is that silly?  I don’t think so, or I don’t know.  Jack this morning telling me about a friend of his that broke his thumb playing football.  Make me smile, thinking about the connection in Jack’s mind that he needed to tell me that.  Love it, all.