Setting aside two hours to finish the winery owner profiles.  Should be more than enough time, I think.

Walking to Noto in a minute.  Refusing to be at this desk all day.

Peace, politely asking anxiety and all negative notes to leave.  I’m talking to myself this morning, this new Mike Madigan.. asking him honestly where he thinks he’s going.

Reading over notes from the first interview I did, Jack Galante.  “The opportunities are always there…” he said.  I’ve been saying this to myself over and over this morning.  Opportunity in everything, all rooms and conversations, interactions.

Store for kids… dinner tonight, what am I doing?  Lunch for Henry and possibly Jack tomorrow…. Have all day Saturday to myself, where I’ll be readying for the new story, winery the next day, couple other things.

Think I have a couple systems in place… I’m finding things with more quickness and efficiency, less stress.

Need a walk, air… time away from all these projects and post-it notes.


Back from a walk, latte, and dizzy from everything I have in the fire.  One thing then another, slow.. no stress.  Give less fucks like Ditter said yesterday.  Huh.. just remembering that.  So true.  So, here I go…