Month done.  October and November have always been my favorites.  

For as long as I can summon.  Coffee being made upstairs, this morning more or less smooth with the big kids. Friday calls beginning soon….Tired but pushing through it, getting int hat mind from when I pulled into the garage and yawned and rubbed both eyes but snapped out of it, got out the car into the office.

11 hours into fast, running in 11am hour.   Kerri texts me, will look in a minute.  I want everything today, this morning.  I’m not some ambitious but vicious in my pursuit of new truths.

New story starting soon…. Check mail, again nothing.  Hmmm…. Could affect the winery owner writing project.  TBD.  Back in chair remembering coffee waits for me upstairs in loft.  Calls….  What to do.  I guess just call.  Older I get I dread it more, but only from my attitude being of the wrong shape and light.  Fixed.

More aggression in thoughts, not with hostility though, note.  Just intention, no apprehension.  Today’s run I’m making sure changes everything.  Won’t be able to run tomorrow, so then weights brought up to room and lift early.  At Jack’s hour – this morning he boasting how he woke at 5:45…