Day off Monday. Or, I’m taking the day to myself. 

Do this orientation for Gallo, after my first day in the tasting room in St. Helena the day before.  Hard to believe I’ll be in a Napa room for 8 hours.  I almost can’t wrap my head around it.  Not trying to get into the whole Napa-Sonoma thing. It’s so old and annoying, but still interesting I’ll be on the St. Helena strip for 8+ hours.

6:49 in office with some SB.  Sent emails to wineries I’m to interview.  Quiet, no music.  Only hear wind which of course makes me incredible nervous.  Never used to, even after the ’17 Tubbs.  But tonight, I’m anxious.  Another glass after this, bought some red I’d never heard of before from Oliver’s so see what that has to say.  Promised to self, one post to the vvv blog.  Restart my wine story, making humor of it.. I mean, it’s wine. I don’t devalue what goes into it, making it and what not.  But the consumers, oh my god, fucking lunatics.

The wind pushes so hard now that. And now I’m into it.. the wine story, like before but with more intensity.