Jumping into the AE story.  Head first.  Not sure what I’m going to find, if anything.  Looking more for referral partners and vendors at this point.  One inbound lead I need to follow up on.  Where’s my composition book for the AE story?

Can’t find it, which frustrates the shit out of me.  Hate when I lose things.  Should be impeccably organized by this time in my life, right?

Found it.  Was in my fucking file cabinet.  Ugh…

Heading to the AE story.  Hope something takes shape.


Funnel pretty dry.  Followed up on one lead now looking for others.  Sent email, no response.  Maybe I need a break.  Distracted by one thing then another.  Here all day, quiet night to self.  Getting things DONE… this postmodern approach I’ve been toying with, enacting and hopefully successfully embodying.  Everything echoing EVERYTHING… alive, health, happiness, like Kerri always stressed and has taught me to stress more – GRATITUDE.

New winery assignment staring Sunday, Orin Swift.  Expectations revolving around a new wine story, reviving the vvv blog.  One of the projects for tonight…. Need a wine for dinner tonight but not thinking about that now.  Oliver’s, after 5.

Wrote idea for the #vinovinevin blog.  Posting tonight.  Wine is hilarious, that’s what makes it enjoyable, often.  More later.. so thankful for all this, I can barely subdue it.

‘Nother post-it on desk.  Going to be a busy night.. one project, then another, and who knows how many more I’ll muster in the next 6 hours.